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Sophisticated Defense for Complex Charges

When investigated or charged with a crime at the federal, state or municipal level, it is important to find criminal defense attorneys who are experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable. Federal, state and local governments, law enforcement and otherwise, are increasingly turning to criminal penalties as a means of regulatory enforcement. Large corporations, small businesses and individuals can find themselves faced with investigations that can result in severe criminal penalties, a record of which can surface through a background check for years to come. Our lawyers have years of experience across a broad range of criminal matters including administrative and grand jury investigations and prosecutions in both federal and state court, and both felony and misdemeanor level offenses.

Our attorneys bring decades of experience as former judges and prosecutors providing a thorough, vigorous defense to clients in all kinds of state and federal criminal actions ranging from serious traffic offenses, white-collar criminal defense, to death penalty litigation. Our team has the skill, experience and resources to investigate whatever charges have been brought and to explore all possible options. Complemented by the legal and technical expertise of other members of the firm in such areas as tax, environmental, real estate, employment, intellectual property, banking, securities, and health care, our attorneys provide clients with skilled counsel, experienced in the trial of complex criminal matters.

Whatever the circumstances may be, if you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, you can be assured that we will vigorously litigate on your behalf to ensure the protection of your constitutional rights.

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