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Legal Help With Financing and Capitalization


A company’s access to capital is critical to foster growth. Economic and financial resources make growth possible through new investments, acquisitions, developments and expansions. In the new economic environment, with lower risk tolerance and heightened scrutiny, counsel must be both creative and practical to provide effective financing solutions to clients.

At Peterson Conners LLP, our attorneys advise clients on all types of financing transactions, including those secured by business assets and/or real estate, as well as secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code. We also assist clients with loan restructuring, loan work-outs and the management and disposition of troubled assets.

With You Every Step of the Way


Our attorneys represent startups and high-growth businesses in raising capital through a variety of means, including:

  • private placements of equity and/or debt

  • angel investments

  • mezzanine investments

  • venture capital investments

  • recapitalization

  • institutional lender financing

We advise our clients through every aspect of the capital raise process, including securities compliance and business structuring matters. Our attorneys also have experience in representing a number of capital investors, including angel investors, private equity funds, mezzanine funds, venture capital funds and institutional lenders. A few of the other services we provide include:

Analysis of Available Options to Raise Capital


We counsel clients on the comparative benefits and risks associated with various alternatives to raise capital, including private placements of equity (friends and family, angel investors, venture capital and private equity funds), debt financing and recapitalizations.

Company Structuring


We provide clients with advice regarding the best possible business structure to position itself for growth and the flexibility to maximize capital raise opportunities. Prior to a capital raise, we prepare clients for the road ahead by conducting due diligence reviews of internal business structures and practices to ensure the best possible results.

Securities Laws Compliance

We guide clients through the complex landscape of federal and state securities laws in connection with raising capital, including the preparation of required disclosure materials and applicable regulatory filings.

See How We Can Help You


Our experienced attorneys, combined with a principled approach to business law, will never leave you wondering about the status or progress of your matter. Call today to get started at 614-365-7000 or visit us online.

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