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Zoning, Land Use and Development

Our attorneys at Peterson Conners LLP have extensive experience with real estate use and development issues. Having represented landowners and developers in a multitude of complex matters, and resolved disputes with neighbors and municipal/county zoning authorities, our attorneys advise clients on their rights and responsibilities related to the use of their land.

Development And Zoning

Whether the client is a farmer seeking to split a parcel of land for a child or a professional developer seeking to develop a major subdivision, our attorneys can assist landowners with their project regardless of the scope. Such projects occasionally require the rezoning of property or negotiating with zoning authorities regarding the legally permitted use of the properties. Our attorneys have the experience and skill to guide the landowner through the development process.

Land Use Disputes

Landowners retain our attorneys when facing notices of violations or criminal charges issued by zoning or housing authorities related to the use of their property. We will examine the factual content of the violation or charge, review the property, and contact the authorities to reach a resolution of the case.

Boundary Disputes

Disputes between landowners regarding the location of property lines, the existence or use of easements, and other property-related matters are a specialty of our attorneys. If the dispute cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom, our litigation team has the experience to handle any of these matters and advise the client of their chances of success.