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Technology-Based Businesses


Our attorneys have extensive experience representing businesses in a variety of technology matters, such as software development, privacy issues and financing issues. This includes helping the company obtain venture capital or angel financing, license and/or sell IP assets and general business contracts, transactions and guidance. We have assisted technology clients ranging from software and mobile application development businesses to eLearning businesses. We understand and appreciate the unique needs and rapid pace of the technology sector.

Our particular area of focus is assisting clients with software development and mobile application development transactions, including development and customization of software and mobile apps, licensing and sale of the technology. Our attorneys have broad experience drafting agreements for software development, software licensing, implementation and customization. In addition, we advise clients on privacy issues and draft agreements regarding the terms of use and privacy policies for their website and mobile apps.

Our services include:

  • Software development agreements

  • Mobile application development agreements

  • Platform compliance (e.g., Apple, Android)

  • Technology licensing agreements

  • Technology sale agreements

  • Privacy Policies (website and mobile applications)

  • Terms of Use (website and mobile applications)

In connection with our technology practice, our attorneys have particular knowledge and experience advising:

  • Software developers

  • Mobile application developers

  • Hosted service providers

  • Software/App-based businesses

  • Digital marketing agencies

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