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Criminal Defense


Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with a full range of criminal matters. Whether the crime is a homicide or assault, kidnapping or extortion, sex offense, arson, robbery, burglary or trespass, theft or fraud, or a drug offense, the attorneys of Peterson Conners LLP will guide you through the criminal justice process. We examine the evidence that forms the basis of the charge and advise the client concerning the strength of the state’s case. If drug addiction was a contributing factor in the commission of the crime, we will explore available treatment in lieu of conviction alternatives. Many of our attorneys are former prosecutors and have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system.



Most misdemeanor crimes are handled in local municipal or mayor’s courts. Penalties for these crimes may range from confinement in jail for up to 180 days and fines ranging from $150 to $1,000. While misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, consequences for a conviction may affect employment, higher education tuition assistance qualification and driver’s license suspensions. Our attorneys are skilled at evaluating the strengths of the state’s position and advising the client of the best possible resolution of their case.



Felonies in Ohio are handled in common pleas court. Both the federal and Ohio constitutions require that individuals charged with felony-level crimes must be indicted by a grand jury. While the procedures and consequences involved in felony crimes are considerably more complex than with misdemeanor crimes, our attorneys have the expertise to guide clients through the process.

Federal Crimes


Representing clients in federal court is much different than representing them in Ohio courts. Federal prosecutors typically have much more time and resources to commit to cases than state prosecutors. Additionally, proceedings in federal courts are much more formal than in state courts. It is essential that clients facing federal charges be represented by competent attorneys with expertise with federal cases.

White Collar Crimes


Financial crimes and business-related crimes are often classified as white-collar crimes and include acts like mortgage fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud, insurance fraud, Medicaid fraud, among others. Depending on the dollar amount of the loss, consequences for these types of crimes can be lengthy imprisonment and significant fines and restitution. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to evaluate each client’s case.



Our attorneys have broad experience defending clients in white-collar criminal matters, including in connection with health care fraud issues involving medical billing procedures, Medicaid and Medicare.



Our attorneys have broad experience defending clients in white-collar criminal matters, including in connection with tax fraud issues.

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